How’s the Kingswood Market?


Kingswood and Kingswood West have had an interesting few market years. 2016 and 2017 saw big volume with $20m each. 2018 had less volume, $15m, but the sales occurred very quickly. More recently, there have been 2 midwinter sales.
There is a near-neighborhood high of $1.95m which is in escrow. This home was previously purchased in 2016 for $1.675m.

Quick Stats and Comparisons:

  • 3 active Kingswood + Kingswood West listings from $599k to $794k.
  • 3 homes in escrow up to $1.95m.
  • 2 midwinter sales at $650k and $690k.
  • 42 days on market in 2018 vs 94 in 2017.
A quick phrase for the Tahoe market: “There’s nothing for sale yet everything is selling!” Inventory is at historic lows. Yet in classic Tahoe fashion, overpriced or less desirable properties are rotting on the vine.
I’d like you to know my family and I live on Kingswood Drive – we love raising our kids in the neighborhood.


Kingswood + Kingswood West Market Stats


Year Total Volume # Homes Sold Days on Market Ave Price Median Price
2018 $15m 19 42 $693k $705k
2017 $20m 29 90 $728k $625k
2016 $20m 28 95 $618k $638k
2015 $13.6m 22 98 $1.47m $595k
2014 $11.8m 21 128 $566k $470k
2013 $15.7m 26 108 $605k $510k

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Kingswood used to be an undiscovered secret ($9.4m in sales in 2012) but now the word is out which one can see by the amount of real estate being sold here every year. And as you go around the neighborhood you’ll notice brand new, large spec homes.

I live in Kingswood Estates and have sold homes here and in Kingswood West. Kingswood is already benefiting from the incredible amount of development which is coming to Kings Beach. The neighborhoods offer so much to Tahoe locals and visitors: mountain and lake vistas; abundant greenbelt; hiking, biking, snowmobiling routes; access to one of the best-maintained forests in the entire Basin; North Tahoe Regional Park; and central to all of North Tahoe yet an easy jump to Truckee and Reno. When selling in Kingswood, I combine all of this knowledge with 15 years in the business and 24 in Tahoe. I am known for high-quality, creative marketing. See more about my approach here.

My wife and I have three kids who go to Kings Beach Elementary School. We are active supporters of KBE, the Boys + Girls Club, Sierra Watershed Education Partnership and the Sierra Avalanche Center.