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Lake Tahoe Lakefront Update

Tahoe lakefront action is picking up again. There have been three interesting sales since May 1st – one near-miss non-short sale (!), one nice Tahoma property, and the biggest sale in 2 years at California Tahoe (buyer brought in by my company).

The near miss was on Lake Terrace in Tahoe City. It’s one of the most recognizable properties on the North Shore because of it’s red and white striped canvas ‘boathouse’ and the house matches in color. It’s a really neat place with a level lawn upon the cliff above Tahoe – there is zero road noise here. It had been on the market for as much as $5.9m but this May it re-entered the market as potential short sale and was priced low – $3.1m. It sold in a week for $3.4m and the seller was able to avoid a short sale.

The largest sale in two years was on one of Tahoe’s premier streets, Sunnyside Lane. Years ago this property had been a pocket listing in the high teens but it went on the market last year at $13.5m. An agent from my company brought in a buyer when the  property wasn’t listed this spring and the deal came together at $11m.

As for current listings, we are seeing some new ones hit the market. There are a couple pocket listings including one in Hurricane Bay ($6.5m). My company just listed a one-level home on Hurricane Bay ($3.95m) and it has been very well received. A development parcel in Tahoe City with 1.8 acres just entered the market at $5.9m. An interesting Meeks Bay Ave lakefront just hit the market for $2.8m. It has a curved roof plus pier with boathouse on the side and two buoys. Feel free to contact Alex for any additional info on sales, escrows or any properties of interest.

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Dollar Point Update

Dollar Point currently has 17 homes on the market ranging from $550k to a lakefront at $3.15m. There are three homes in escrow from $565k to one of my company’s listings at $1.65m (unique-design view property on Lassen). In the last month there have been sales at $855k (3000+ square feet) and a view property at $1.3m. This is great news for Dollar Point because not one view property sold last year. There is only one lakefront offered for sale in Dollar Point and it was offered last year as well for $100k more than current list price. Things will probably change as summer progresses and we’ll see another lakefront or two enter the market.

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Chamberlands Gets Busy

Chamberlands, one of the best neighborhoods on the West Shore, has seen two sales since May 1st and currently has 4 properties in escrow. Prices of active listings range from $310k – $2.5m. Not counting the listing at $2.5m, the average list price in the neighborhood is $625,000. The properties in escrow range from $339k – $645k. The two sales were a Frank Nash-like design for $460k and then a fairly large and high-end home which closed as a short sale for $608k on Grouse (this was a great deal).

One of the other neighborhoods which is highly sought after, even moreso than Chamberlands, is McKinney Shores (MSPOA). There is usually not a lot of inventory in McKinney Shores. Right now there is only one listing in MSPOA and it is in escrow (buyer being brought in by my company).


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Tahoe Real Estate Group sells $11m lakefront

Tahoe Real Estate Group represented the buyers of a property which had been listed at $13.5 million on Sunnyside Lane. This is one of the most coveted locations in Tahoe due to a few things. The street is very private and each lakefront also owns the long buffer lots which distance Sunnyside Lane from West Lake Blvd. Also the lots themselves are mostly level and very large – this sale included a total of 4.5 acres. The last home to sell on the street was in ’08 for $2o million. That was on 7.2 acres and was scooped up by a semiconductor magnate out of Silicon Valley.

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