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Lakefront Home Inventory Increasing

The number of homes for sale at the lakefront level is slowly increasing. Options are getting interesting as we are seeing not only re-entries with lowered prices (these homes were rejected by the market last year) but also entirely new-to-the-market homes being offered for the first time in years, decades or ever! The usual occurrence this time of year is to see re-entries hitting the market. Since the great lakefront sales boom of 2012 when we had twice the volume of a ‘normal year we had a number of homes come to market which never sold. Some of these would-be sellers are pulling back entirely while others are giving it another stab – usually at lower prices. 2014 will be the year that these sellers readjust their sights and get the job done. For the patient buyers who were waiting on these to come down, this could be an interesting summer. Whichever side of the equation you are on, this should prove to be a good year.

Maybe you’re a potential seller whose property hasn’t been on the market in years or ever. Others like you are coming to market at all levels. This new inventory will refresh semi-active buyers and also entice new buyers to get off the sidelines and start touring our inventory. Get in touch with Alex to learn how your property would perform this year. I start the process with your goals and letting you know how they align with the market. From there you can decide if this is the right time for you to get on the market and move on from your Tahoe property.

Buyers: keep in mind that I know of a number of lakefront homes which will be hitting the market soon but are in process of gather marketing collateral, photography, etc. I’m happy to share this info with qualified buyers. If you’re a seller who I’ve talked with, you know I’ll respect your privacy as we agreed to previously.

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Best Buys Under $400k

We have seen a nice increase to the number of homes for sale. Under $400k it has been a slow trickle but there are some good properties out there. I have chosen the three best ones. Keep in mind, we know of a lot of properties from the low end to the double digit millions which are not yet on the MLS (multiple listing service) nor Zillow, Trulia, etc. Basically you can’t find them without asking me (!) since they are getting photography and marketing collateral together. So feel free to get in touch to find out details on any properties I know of in your price range…

Here are the 3 best buys under $400k:

1) West Shore cabin – cute, nice size, very good starting price of $359,000: Click here to view

2) Condo that lives like a home, kind of (!): This is in an awesome location right near the Tahoe House and Tahoe City. It’s a 3 unit building that makes up the entire condo complex. So you do share walls with neighbors but you are living in a single family neighborhood. Very cool and rare option; offered at $389,000: Click here to view the listing

3) Turquoise Avenue, Carnelian Bay: Easy, flat one-block walk to the dog-friendly and newly-minted SUP capital of the North Shore, Patton Landing Beach (next to GarWoods Restaurant). Enjoy the (super) small town of Carnelian Bay from this 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage, 1448 square foot home in good shape. Not yet on MLS; price $399,000. Photo below.



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Turquoise Carnelian Bay Tahoe Best Buy under $400,000

Turquoise Carnelian Bay Tahoe Best Buy under $400,000

Turquoise Carnelian Bay Tahoe Best Buy under $400,000 interior

Turquoise Carnelian Bay Tahoe Best Buy under $400,000 interior


Turquoise Carnelian Bay Tahoe Best Buy under $400,000 interior 2

Turquoise Carnelian Bay Tahoe Best Buy under $400,000 interior 2