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Kingswood Spring 2019 Update

Kingswood and Kingswood West have had an interesting few market years. 2016 and 2017 saw big volume with $20m each. 2018 had less volume, $15m, but the sales occurred very quickly. More recently, there have been 2 midwinter sales. And right now, there is almost nothing being offered for sale: 2 active listings.
A near-record in the neighborhood of $1.825m just sold. This home was previously purchased in 2016 for $1.675m.

Quick Stats and Comparisons:

  • 2 active Kingswood + Kingswood West listings from $769k to $1.15m
  • 3 homes in escrow up to $735k.
  • 6 sales already this year including one quite high-end (see next line)
  • Including 2 midwinter sales at $650k $690k. 1 early spring sale at $1.825m.
  • 42 days on market in 2018 vs 94 in 2017.
A quick phrase for the Tahoe market: “There’s nothing for sale yet everything is selling!” Inventory is at historic lows. Yet in classic Tahoe fashion, overpriced or less desirable properties are rotting on the vine.
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