Kind Words from a client

I received this letter from a client on the Fourth of July – good stuff!


“July 4th, 2015

Another way to celebrate fourth of July is to thank an EXCEPTIONAL American realtor: ALEX WEST, because he is the BEST!

Alex, my wife Awatif and I thank you for your great AMERICAN VALUES that you have demonstrated to us from the minute we walked in to your office: You were very COURTEOUS with POSITIVE ENERGY. You BELIEVED in us being buyers, without hesitation, showed total DEDICATION, VALUED us by taking the time and coming up with all properties for sale; numbered and detailed with direction how to get to them.

Your DETERMINATION brought us the feeling of a serious buyer. To this date, I do not believe we own as we were NOT buyers when we walked in to your office. Your ATTENTION, KNOWLEDGE and PROFESSIONALISM resulted in our benefit.

We sincerely believe that without your help and SERVICE we wouldn’t own a property in Truckee. It’s not the money that buys a property, it is belief, positive energy and character – ALL GREAT VALUES of ALEX WEST.

People like you make America great!

Thank you again,

Awatif C. & Noor W.”

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