One Crazy Winter…

As we all know, Tahoe had a great, crazy winter. Tons of snow, monsoon rains and the Lake is up about 5′ already this year. They say that even with all of the gates open at the Tahoe City Dam the Lake level could continue to rise. They also say this could be largest one-year rise in lake level ever.


We’ve had big temperature fluctuations lately from the 60’s to snow. Runoff has been amazing. Tahoe mountainsides are springing leaks anywhere possible to let out the pressure and get water downhill. It’s been wild to see.


This is the old store on Mt. Rose Highway. Roof collapsed this winter under huge snow loads.



I’ve never seen this before. Double-pile (aka two pier pilings per side) pier deck collapse on the West Shore.


A few other interesting facts:

  • The Lake Tahoe Basin received 10 more inches of precipitation than any year in recorded history, going back to 1910


  • In a two-day span from Dec. 9 through 11 Lake Tahoe gained 8,690,131,707 gallons of fresh water.


  • Monitor Pass had its latest opening in 13 years.

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