Homewood realty is something getting an increasing amount of press especially since the area’s largest property owner was injected with a huge amount of cash. JMA Ventures owns Homewood ski area and they sold the lion’s share of Alpine Meadows ski area to Squaw Valley. This move frees up capital and resources allowing them to pursue their plans of developing the Homewood realty that they currently own.  Homewood realty had been in the news a bit when JMA first bought Homewood resort, but things quieted down when the economy changed. Now that JMA is in the black, the spotlight will start swinging around again as moves get made yet again. JMA also owns the Homewood Marina as well as the Homewood Café (& Hotel). These are prime parcels in an area which is ripe for development to some degree.


To me, the development of Homewood realty and the ski area, marina, lakefront townhomes, private residences, etc. needs to be done in a tempered way. This is a slim part of the West Shore not meant to cater to hordes. While the number of visitors will definitely increase, as long as it’s done with a long timeline in mind I think the development could be a good thing. This way there won’t be a rush to build something huge that can be profitable for a few years only to be subsequently sold off to a major corporation. If Homewood realty goes middle-to-high end while not jacking up lift ticket prices too much, there’s a chance that a sweet spot can be found.


As for the surrounding area of Homewood realty, it’s a lot like Tahoe itself. There’s a classic mix of some very old, seldom used cabins combined with newer lakefront luxury properties. There are families who have longstanding businesses as their last names. The lake water here is considered to be among the best due to it’s depth near the shoreline and the natural protection it has from westerly breezes. This makes for quiet water which is great for watersports. The Map Search page of this website has a direct link to all the Homewood realty that’s currently for sale.