Alpine Meadows

Lake Tahoe, CA 96145

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Location: Access road is 4 miles north of Tahoe City, 1 mile south of Squaw Valley on Rte. 89

Price Range: mid $200,000 – $1.75m

The best, occupied, fall-time valley in Tahoe… Alpine Meadows is the epitomy of mellow. With the new merger of Squaw and JMA which now makes Squaw the majority shareholder of Alpine, things could change. But the fact remains that the base of Alpine is US Forest Service land so unless the new guys can somehow talk Uncle Sam into letting some real estate go, the changes will be limited to things we’ll see mostly up on the hill. There is a possibility of linking to Homewood at some point but I’d think that is far pretty far off – plus it would only add to the benefit of being an Alpine owner without increasing the daily traffic too much. Alpine is considered the locals’ favorite ski area because of its friendly outreach to local businesses. The fact that it doesn’t have ski lifts to the tops of every peak (like Squaw, kinda) adds to the slower pace and general mindset of Alpine Folk vs. Squaw Brats (!).

Alpine has three major real estate sections. The first is on your left about a mile into the valley. Many of these properties are skiable (return only) from out of bounds areas – Alpine has an open boundary policy so this is not poaching. The second area is up closer to the ski area and is mostly encompassed by the well-respected Bear Creek development. The third is on your right about 1.5 miles from the valley entrance. You’ll see Juniper Street which leads to a newer subdivision on a large knoll with big views and lots of sun for the houses and lots here.

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