Brockway Shores & “Old Brockway”

Historical Charm

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Location: adjacent to NV state line, 1 mile from King’s Beach.

Price Range: mid-$500k’s – $3 million. Lakefronts: $5m – $34m

This is a generational favorite for its abundance of “Old Tahoe” estates plus the location and views are incredible. Boulders are strewn about the entire neighborhood and majestic cedars fill out the sky above. Many people refer to this as the ‘Speedboat’ neighborhood because that same street leads to one of the most beautiful public beaches in Tahoe. Chase International sold an estate here listed at $34 million.

On the other side of North Lake Blvd. from Old Brockway there is an another neighborhood which is included in the instant search above. It has a mix of older charming homes and newer construction. There are also some entry-level options in this area as well.

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