Tahoe Lakefront Condos

From Brockway to Chamber’s Landing

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Location: All of Tahoe’s shoreline from Brockway Springs in the north to Chamber’s Landing down the West Shore

Price Range: $126,000 to $4 million

Tahoe’s lakefront condos are as varied as all the individual neighborhoods themselves. The most exclusive is definitely Fleur du Lac, with prices starting in the $3m’s. Then you have Chamber’s Landing in Homewood which is also gated and has entry levels in the high $1m to low $2m area. After this there are a lot of awesome lakefront condo complexes that offer great amenities like piers, buoys, tennis and open space. Examples are Tahoe Tavern, Tavern Shores, Tahoe Marina Lodge, Rocky Ridge, Cedar Point, Chinquapin and The North Shore. They have seen significant drops in entry-level pricing (T. Tav = $400k’s) yet their attractiveness remains. Headed further north and east to King’s Beach there are significant drops in price and desirability but some fun opportunities to own on the lake. One of my favorites at the lower price point are the rare, beachtop bungalos at The Franciscan in the $300k’s (cash only).


Historical Sales Data

2011: 14 sales thru 10/8 High Low Average Median
List Price: $2,475,000 $115,000 $779,778 $622,500
Sold Price: $2,200,000 $120,000 $701,803 $560,000


 2010: 28 sales High Low Average Median
List Price: $3,595,000 $79,900 $1,026,066 $764,500
Sold Price: $3,037,500 $71,000 $912,696 $637,500


2009: 17 sales High Low Average Median
List Price: $3,500,000 $99,000 $870,000 $625,000
Sold Price: $3,240,000 $99,000 $792,794 $575,000

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