Skyland to Tahoe Swiss Village

Homewood, CA 96141

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Location: 4 miles south of Tahoe City to 1 mile north of Homewood Ski Area, (includes St. Michael’s Woods)

Price Range: low $300k’s to mid-$2 million. Lakefronts: $2.3m – $6.5m

This is a short but highly-concentraded area of niceness. Skyland is an off-the-beaten-track homeowners’ association with a nice pier and buoy field. Off the back are osm egreat hiking trails taking you up to the north rim of Blackwood Rim which is one of the prettiest West Shore canyons outside of Desolation National Wilderness. Next is the awesome little boutique St. Michaels Woods with large lots and some lakeviews, plus tons of seclusion. Tahoe Pines is just below St. Mikes and is a storybook Old Tahoe neighborhood with some of the prettiest houses in all of Tahoe. The neighborhood is on both the lake and non-lake side of West Lake Blvd. Driving down Grand Ave away from Tahoe will reveal one of the most attractive colonial Tahoe homes in existence. Along the way you’ll find tiny cabins, brand new construction and gorgeous rehabs with the conveniences of Now plus the absolutely unique feel of Then. Tahoe Swiss Village is furthest to the south in this little grouping. It’s got lake access and a buoy field, as well. The front of the neighborhood has nice level lots with sun, while the back enjoys privacy and a steep hill that eventually finds its way up to the Sierra Crest.

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