Real Estate North Lake Tahoe: I just finished writing a page describing West Shore real estate and I used the age-old phrase “West Shore, Best Shore.” While to many that’s true – and I can certainly appreciate all the great things about that area, real estate North Lake is pretty amazing in its own ways.


I’ve lived on the North Shore for about 16 years and here’s my punch list of what I like about real estate North Lake:


  • More sun, less shade.


  • Less snow, faster melt!


  • Carnelian Bay: Old P.O. for breakfast; Patton Landing a.k.a Skiprock Heaven for a swim; dog-friendly beach; GarWoods for food and cocktails and pier pickups (GW pier is public, believe it or not, so you can pick up and drop off folks from your boat with no problem – I’ve even had some friends overnight their boats on the pier with success although I can’t recommend it).



  • The sand in King’s Beach – I never realized how incredible it is for the kids who grow up coming here to have Squaw, etc. in winter, and then a full-blown SoCal-esque beach to play on for months every year. Lucky little guys!


  • Walking from the Java Hut west along the shoreline with a cup of Joe


  • Bear tracks on the beach volleyball courts across from Safeway.



  • Paddleboarding to Brockway Shores hot spring (the spring is actually in the lake – pretty cool) and among the boulders at Speedboat.


  • KB Safeway is the best grocery store on the North Shore (CA-side)


  • Jason’s, Hiro Sushi, Blue Onion, La Mexicana, Old Range, Log Cabin, Sancho’s fish tacos = some of the best food in the area