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Price Range: $1 million – $30+ million

Considered by most to be the ultimate goal for a Tahoe property, our lakefronts are a breed unto themselves. There are huge differences in what is offered at various prices but the fun thing is that the lakefront market is a microcosm of Tahoe itself. We have little Old Tahoe’s that haven’t changed in generations, massive acreage parcels with 20,000 square-foot mansions, and everything in between. We see underground basketball courts, helicopter landing pads, movie theaters, three-level car garages, sea plane docks, and just about anything else you can image.

Some of the most differentiating characteristics for our lakefront properties are these:

Depth of Water Near Shoreline – Tahoe’s ‘yearly tide’ means that the lake level is always in flux. It can rise and fall considerably from one summer to the next. Deep water is insurance for the low water years and there is generally a price associated with that.

Pier and Accoutrements – Piers add roughly $500,000 to $2m in value. Boat hoists, rock cribs, multiple slips, and boat houses (especially those with living areas) each increase value.

Lake Frontage – The most affordable lakefront parcels can have as little as 10 feet of frontage (flag lots). Some are built on lots that are only 50′ wide (King’s Beach) while many lots are 100′ across. Estate properties can have up to a thousand feet on the lake.

Proximity to the “Highway” – West Shore and North Shore Blvd.’s, though relatively small, do generate quite a bit of noise. Some neighborhoods offer a buffer for their lakefront homes while other properties are sighted directly on the roadside. Some lakefronts will have the Blvd. address but long meandering drives which mitigate the sound and add to privacy.

Historical Sales Data

2011 (thru 9/20) High Low Average Median
List Price: $7,100,000 $1,275,000 $3,819,666 $3,200,000
Sold Price: $6,450,000 $1,025,000 $3,538,493 $2,975,000


2010 High Low Average Median
List Price: $16,600,000 $2,150,000 $5,502,682 $4,247,500
Sold Price: $12,400,000 $1,950,000 $4,813,432 $3,700,000


 2009 High Low Average Median
List Price: $6,950,000 $2,277,000 $4,273,545 $3,650,000
Sold Price: $6,288,000 N/A $3,592,090 $3,675,000


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