Tahoe luxury property is where commonplace fades away and custom design, professional decor and superior finish-work start. Occasionally one finds a ‘spec’ home or condo rising to this level but, generally, owners are building themselves The Tahoe Dream that has eluded them for so long. At what price does a Tahoe luxury property start? It used to be an even million but things have dropped slightly to where current offerings on the Tahoe Sierra MLS start in the mid-$800k’s. These properties have at least a few compelling characteristics that propel them to a collected, and sought-after grouping. The Tahoe Quarterly Magazine coined the term “Lastle” and while the word is an unfortunate flop (!), it’s trying to say the right thing: Lodge-Castle. Tahoe luxury properties have always been a mix of beam, metal and ‘flow’ that blends into or oftentimes enhances its surroundings. If you’ve ever seen the grass-laden rooftop of Vikingsholm or the Ehrman Mansion promontory, you know. Of course not every Tahoe luxury property is sited on what could become a state park (or National Historic Registry for that matter) but you still see the essential elements in Tahoe’s finest properties.

Unfortunately, there’s not a Luxury Search Button in our MLS so I can’t put a quick link to Tahoe luxury property here. But you can either call or send a quick note via the form below and I’ll tailor a Tahoe luxury homes search to fit your needs. If you are considering selling your luxury property, click here for the first few pages of my Integrated Sales Strategy and then head to the Sell page for more info.

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