Tahoe Pines Grand Ave. meadow property, one of my favorite houses

The house in the meadow on Grand Ave.

Tahoe Pines is one of the oldest and most pleasant neighborhoods in Lake Tahoe. It’s got a nice mix of Tahoe luxury properties, bare-bones Old Tahoe cabins, and just about everything in between. It’s great for real estate in Tahoe because there’s everything from top dollar lakefront estates to entry-level rentals.


Tahoe Pines is home to the oldest privately-owned cabin in the Basin. Incredibly, this home had only 3 different families own it since the 1850’s. It recently sold (my company had it listed previously) so is now on it’s fourth owner in over 150 years. If you go down Tallac Street and take the last left on Belleview you’ll come to a beautiful white home with a matching fence. This used to be a dairy farm with cows roaming around what was a lush meadow. Tahoe Pines is host to a high concentration of Old Tahoe homes which makes me usually refer to this as one of Tahoe’s quintessential neighborhoods. In summer you’ll always find groups of folks walking and watching as time stands still in the tall pines. The non-lake side of the street constitutes the larger part of Tahoe Pines and it’s a great spot with real estate ranging from entry level cabins to new construction topping out just shy of the $2m range. Grand Ave. is one of my favorite falltime streets because the aspens here are abundant and there’s another sublime Old Tahoe home on a meadow that perfectly blends with its surroundings. Getting this historical feel is somehow important to me as an East Coaster.


Tahoe Pines has its own private pier where you’ll almost always find some kids trying their luck with the crawldads. The beach is a mix of what you can almost call sand (!) mixed with throwing-size rocks. It’s not like the sand at Rubicon but it’s can sure heat up on a nice summer day. The adjacent wall is for Fleur du Lac, a high-end townhome enclave which is famous from its boathouse beaing featured in Godfather II.


Cruise down Belleview, or let me take you, because you’ll see a mix of soul, Old Tahoe and New Tahoe in one serene little neighborhood. This is the feel of Tahoe.