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Tahoe properties are different from most primary-residential areas in that there are wide variations and idiosyncrasies between neighborhoods. Most areas were developed years ago, some in the 1800’s, with remnant properties still standing (in some cases, just the fireplaces). Some of the older subdivisions like Tahoe Pines, Carnelian Bay and Pineland even see variations in where the lot lines were originally placed vs. where they represented now (note: surveyors correct this, btw).

At the height of the market, Tahoe properties started at $500,000. Now the bottom of the market is the high $100k’s but more realistically into the $200k’s for something somewhat liveable. You’ll start noticing a listing or two with garages in the $300k’s. The two most affordable areas are King’s Beach and Tahoma.

While the bottom of the market has been drastically reduced, other areas have experienced different adjustments. There is a popular design for new construction homes which were sold in the $800k’s, and now see the odd short sale price in the low $500k’s.

Lakeview property has come down considerably with land once selling in the $800k’s now sitting on the market in the $500k’s. Lakefronts had an interesting summer in 2011. Prices on numerous lakefront Tahoe homes were reduced at the beginning of summer and then blockbuster sales followed (8 sales in 6 weeks and more put into escrow).

Here are some statistics for your consideration:

2011 Single Family Property Sales (thru 9/22/11)
Class Bedrooms Total Listed Num Sold Pct Sold Avg List Price Sold Avg Sale Price Sold Sale Price/List Price Ratio Avg DOM Sold Avg List Price Unsold Pct Expired
SF All 538 191 35.50% $805,028 $751,843 93.39% 122 $1,418,064 16.17%

To get more in-depth look at the numbers (click again after redirect):

1st Quarter 2011 Totals by Area Tahoe Sierra MLS

2nd Quarter 2011 Totals by Area Tahoe Sierra MLS

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