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Lake Tahoe, CA

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 Locations: All North Shore, Tahoe City and the West Shore

Price Range: $900,000 – $3.5 million


Tahoe Split Lakefront Properties: These properties consist of two parcels – one on the Tahoe lakefront and another directly across the street with a home on it. Essentially they are lakefront property which is ‘split’ in two by either North Lake Blvd. or West Lake Blvd. Just like lakefronts, there are varying levels among the split lakefronts and these differences appear on both sides of the street. On the lake side, some may have no improvements and maybe some room for a table and chairs. Others might have an old pumphouse (for lake water). Moving up the ladder, some have decks over the water while others have full-blown piers, boathouses and multiple boat hoists. Most split lakefronts have one or two buoys.

Across the street we find differences just like any other segment of the Tahoe real estate market. From little Old Tahoe’s to impressive Loverde- or Olson-built masterpieces, we’ll see everything. The biggest bonus of split lakefronts is that one can buy private lake access at a fraction of lakefront cost. So a family with a love for boating on Tahoe can get a their perfect pier with hoists, storage and deck space for 1/3 the price of a lakefront with a similar pier.

The split lakefront market is a bit more finicky than the lakefront market, however, and that’s mainly because these types of properties are less in number. While there might always be at least 50 lakefronts on the market, sometimes there are no split lakefronts for sale. Click Here to View All Split Lakefront Listings Sold on Tahoe MLS

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