Chamberlands Gets Busy

Chamberlands, one of the best neighborhoods on the West Shore, has seen two sales since May 1st and currently has 4 properties in escrow. Prices of active listings range from $310k – $2.5m. Not counting the listing at $2.5m, the average list price in the neighborhood is $625,000. The properties in escrow range from $339k – $645k. The two sales were a Frank Nash-like design for $460k and then a fairly large and high-end home which closed as a short sale for $608k on Grouse (this was a great deal).

One of the other neighborhoods which is highly sought after, even moreso than Chamberlands, is McKinney Shores (MSPOA). There is usually not a lot of inventory in McKinney Shores. Right now there is only one listing in MSPOA and it is in escrow (buyer being brought in by my company).


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