Lakefronts: What’s New

Much like the rest of the Tahoe real estate market new lakefront listings are starting to hit the market with more regularity. As summer approaches we’ll see more and more properties enter the MLS across the board. So what’s new?

NOT YET ON MLS: Two Very Large, Adjacent Properties on Rubicon’s Gold Coast: One is the Schilling Estate called Paradise Flat (family originally from Portola Valley). Both are priced over $20 million

3 Days on MLS: 656 Olympic: This one has been on and off MLS a number of times but this time it’s bigger and better than ever. A hefty remodel bumped the price up and you can click here to view 656 Olympic’s current and previous sold listings.

5 Days on MLS: 8849 Rubicon Drive: Re-entering the market since last year with an almost $400k reduction. On the bluff near an HOA access sporting a main house plus two guest cottages. Click here to view the current and previous listings for 8849 Rubicon Drive

12  Days on MLS:  9530 Brockway Springs Rd: A fairly large home (~4700 square feet) in Brockway Shores which is a gated, south-facing enclave just east of King’s Beach. The HOA boasts an incredible lakeside pool, buoys, tennis and other amenities – not to mention being right over the fabled hot springs of yesteryear. This is another re-entry to the market and you can see last year’s and the current listings here

In the condo world, Chinquapin is seeing one of it’s first foreclosures ever. It’s got a price of $1.1m which is very competitive for a lakefront (other lakefronts are $1.4m and $1.6m). It’s been on on the market for 18 days. In Fleur du Lac, unit 22 which is near West Lake Blvd, came on the MLS 22 days ago at $4.5m. See both of these condos at this link.

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