Quick Tahoe Market Summary

“There’s nothing for sale and everything is selling.”


We are seeing historically low inventory. Some neighborhoods have just one or two homes being offered for sale. Currently 28% of our inventory is in escrow – this is very high for our area. Homes under $500k are down to an average of 44 days on market – this is 20% lower than last year. Homes between $700 – $1m average 127 days on market.

We have seen historic sales at the uber high end. Estates at $40,000,000 and $25,000,000 sold before getting a chance to hit the open market. The larger sale saw a 4 day escrow – amazing. There were multiple offers on a $37,000,000 property in Incline Village. There are other high-end listings which will trade this year. Currently, the highest price is Chase International’s listing for which I am a Listing Ambassador: Crystal Pointe, $75,000,000.

Interest Rates: The Fed’s quantitative easing program from 2008 is beginning a scheduled slow down. This makes interest rates increase. Two other factors could contribute to increased rates in the near future: Inflation is looming and future Federal Reserve Bank meetings – some economists are predicting 4 mortgage interest rate hikes in 2017. This will make it more expensive for many buyers to purchase homes as time goes on.


April 2018 vs. April 2017

2018: 93 Single Family Just Listed, Median List Price: $715,000

2017: 126 Single Family Just Listed, Median List Price: $759,000

2018: 52 Single Family Sold, Median Price $945,000

2017: 61 Single Family Sold, Median Price $690,000

37% Increase in Median Sold Price

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