Squaw Valley Real Estate Update

As far as real estate, things in Squaw are about like the snowpack: meager. While the rest of the Tahoe Basin is currently enjoying a 3 month supply of homes, Squaw has the equivalent of a 9 month supply. This sounds pretty good but it’s based on the last 3 months which paints an unrealistic picture of what’s happening out there. There was a decent run on homes in November which skews things. Looking at the current state, there are 3 in escrow and there was one sale for $420k (short sale). This would be like bragging about yearly snowfall numbers if there were 5′ in November and nothing since. For skiers, there’s not much fun to it right now. But for home buyers, it’s a pretty nice pow day…

Note: Interestingly, all the ones in escrow are priced between $1.25m and $1.5m. One of these is a short sale.

Link to all Squaw Valley Listings on MLS

Squaw Numbers:

4 DAYS ON MARKET: 662 0 191 51
LIST PRICE: $2,950,000 $465,000 $1,262,500 $817,500 $5,050,000
SOLD PRICE: $2,800,000 $420,000 $1,208,750 $807,500 $4,835,000

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