Lakefront REO now on MLS

The Tahoe Vista bungalow I’ve been blogging about recently hit MLS a couple minutes ago at $1.199m.

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It’s a GMAC foreclosure. Many of us call this the “Cape Cod house” because up until recently it was gray and resembled the clapboard houses back east. Also, it’s sited right on the rocks over a great Tahoe Vista beach which is actually one of the best surf breaks in all of Tahoe. It has a gorgeous, due south panoramic view and a large deck on the lake. The house is literally built on the rocks which would never be allowed again so it’s just like those incredible oceanfront homes which sit on pilings over the water. There is a rock crib pier with boat hoist – I am working on details about the number of buoys which go with the property. If the idea of sitting on your porch with Tahoe waves sloshing about below your feet sounds good, then you might want to consider this property. It’s a screamer though, meaning it will sell very fast. It had been on the market for $1.65m as a short sale this fall and it went into escrow in a matter of hours. The new price is $500k less so interest will be high.

6400 North Lake Blvd, Tahoe Vista, CA

6400 North Lake Blvd, Tahoe Vista, CA

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