Interesting Lakefront Listings

There’s been some recent action in the lakefront market and here’s the latest:

A Rubicon lakefront and adjacent lot just sold. This is the old Kaiser place next to Dianne Feinstein’s property. They pulled it off the market to make the deal less transparent but the lot and the home sold to two different parties. We don’t know the exact closing prices yet but the list prices were $3.5m for the house and $2m for the lot.

A Hurricane Bay lakefront is on the market but not on MLS. It’s at $6.5m and had a flurry of showings when it went on.

A North Shore estate (Flick Point) is set to close soon – list price $10.5m.

Four listings at the link below: The property right near my Homewood office reduced price by roughly $400,000 to $4.25m (5090 W. Lake Blvd).  A very nice piece of property near Tahoma went off the market but was recently re-listed  – for $5k more than before. This is 7097 W Lake Blvd. The third one is in Tahoe Pines on Belleview, a fantastic street. The owner is an international rock’n’roll star (email Alex if you’d like to know who). The last is in Dollar Point because yesterday afternoon the price was dropped from $3.4m to $2.9m – it’s a nice house and the comps put it right at or over $3m. This generated a lot of action (since 5pm yesterday) and odds are that it will be in escrow by the end of the week – a good buy for sure (no pier but 2 moorings; address 3328 Edgewater Dr.):


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