Absolutely Impressive West Shore Lakefront

Rubicon lakefronts had a tough summer with zero selling and not many receiving showings. Over the last five years and average of 1.5 Rubicon lakefronts sell per year. There are usually a couple beautiful, relatively level parcels on the bluff at the south end of Rubicon for sale. Currently there are two like this on the market ($3.9m and $4.2m) and also a nice Morton-designed home further north on Rubicon Drive ($3.6m).

But there is another Rubicon lakefront which is absolutely magnificent. I picture either an active family or a couple young-ish SF web-trepeneur buddies splitting a home like this. It’s one of the nicest, biggest and most fun homes I’ve seen in a while. It’s got a humongous great room with lakeviews and space for about three simultaneous cocktail parties. Doors open to a lawn with lake access. Down the hall is a huge barn door for the kids’ separate living room and a large bunk room for when the eyelids get heavy. Suites and an office are located up and away from the action. An elevator wasn’t installed but there appears to be a spot for one near the front hallway. Master is on entrance floor with great lakeviews – the bathroom, especially the tub, has great vistas of Tahoe, too. This home is a rental so those interested can spend some time here to get a feel for it.

Check out 8747 Lakeside Drive

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