A sheet of pure blue. Cupped by steep, scarred slopes here and gentle meadowy ones there, this absolutely unique lake is in a state of constant play with the limitless sky above. Combined, the two moodily emanate voracious power and subtle moods that are impossible to miss.

Massive, fallen boulders scatter the shallows on the East Shore while near-vertical granite slabs dive into the cobalt abyss of Rubicon’s fabled West Shore. Water of this size radiates a feeling of inexplicable immensity yet some people can swim Lake Tahoe’s length. It’s incredibly deep but much of the shore is shelved making for warm water and sand that rivals California’s finest ocean beaches.

The same sky which contributes to the water’s famous hue, at night becomes a showcase of clarity and openness that expands when the moon charts a course through. From an elevated pier and watching stars swim on the black cloak of the water is like gazing into time itself.

Tahoe’s Pacific Maritime climate means 300 days of sun and 450 inches of snow every year, although some winters see well over 700 inches. New sports like paddleboarding and wakesurfing catch on quickly here while a classic one like sailing has active weekly regattas and a nationally-recognized community outreach program. Winter sports need no introduction. Suffice it to say that the level of innovation and participation in traditional and new adaptations of sports in Tahoe is unequaled.

Welcome to The Big Blue Lake…

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