Boom and Bust. Speculators and Lifers. Mobsters, Entertainers, Athletes and Flower Pickers. Tahoe has seen its fair share of characters but throughout time the one constant has always been The Lake.

Tahoe’s interesting past is mirrored by its eclectic mix of neighborhoods. There’s storybook Tahoe Pines, sunny and athletic Dollar Point, and historic Old Brockway. Rubicon’s Gold Coast is quietly impressive while Fleur du Lac’s gate protects elite sanctity. Strolling the Tahoe Tavern pier reminds us of antiquated photos of a train on one side and a wooden steamer on the other.

These places plus many more make up Tahoe’s real estate identity. I know their nuances and can share the pro’s and con’s of owning in any of them. I enjoy navigating these areas and translating people’s impressions into reality. If you’d like to take a ride, either online or in the car, we’ll find your ideal landing spot…

So what is Tahoe Time?

It’s the classic phrase meaning that locals are always five (or ten…) minutes late. While that’s oftentimes true, I think of Tahoe Time as many other things: A quick dip in the Lake on the way back to the office. Seeing a bear on a mountain bike trail. A late start skiing at Squaw or a sunrise on top of Mt. Tallac. To me it’s not the big events that create Tahoe Time, it’s the million little ones that you get from simply being here.

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