Dollar Point 2017 Recap

2017 Recap:

Dollar Point had an interesting year in 2017. Volume was down substantially. But the sales happened incredibly fast. Time on market was 2x faster than the rest of Tahoe Basin. Dollar Point homes averaged 35 days on market; the Basin was at 78.

However, there was typically very little offered for sale so options were not wide. There were stretches of time where there were only a dozen homes on the market. That number is usually between 15-20.  See all current listings here.

Higher-end Dollar Point buyers were very selective. Due to low inventory there were 5 homes between $1.5m – $4.3m which were rejected by the market. This was not the case the year before. 2016 saw multiple sales over $1.5m including $2.4m and $3.6m. In contrast, the highest sale in 2017 was $1.7m.

See my 2016 early summer analysis and comparison to 2015 at this link.

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