Dollar Point Early Summer Update

Dollar Point has become majorly attractive for buyers. Days on market is 1/3 of that for the surrounding area. “Nothing is for sale and everything is selling” – my phrase for Tahoe thus far in 2018 applies especially well for DP.

Things are good for Dollar Point sellers – the neighborhood has a median price double the market average and it takes 30% less time to sell a home in Dollar Point. In fact of the 25 sales since 1/1/2107, three had ZERO days on market and 15 sold in less than 15 days – wow.
Sales volume is up 400% from the same time last year. Inventory is starting to build but there is still very little for sale. Among the upcoming listings which I know of is 50 Edgecliff Court.
This is an incredibly highly-desired neighborhood. You and I both know why. I’ve lived in Dollar Point and absolutely love it. So do today’s buyers…

See all Dollar Point listings here


A fun note: Lake Tahoe is .2 inches from it’s legal limit!

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