Importance of Measuring Water Depth


Tahoe lake level Spring 2012 -2013

When handling prospective lakefront properties for a buyer or seller I personally measure water depth at the pier head and boat docking locations / catwalks. The depth is an important consideration for the usability of a pier and therefore affects the value of a property. Since Tahoe’s surface is affected by our “yearly tide” it’s important to compare the current lake level to recent high’s and low’s in order get an idea of where the depth might be during most summers. This gives prospective buyers an idea of whether or not their 27′ Cobalt or 24′ Malibu will make it into the pier when they want to use it. And this knowledge gives me another tool to help sellers understand how to best market and sell their property.

I use the USGS data taken in Tahoe City for current lake level and historical charting: Lake Tahoe Water Data. Adding to and subtracting from the current rim gives us an idea of the potential highs and lows of water depth for each pier (note: it is possible for Tahoe to go below the natural rim).

Measuring pier depth is a useful way to help ascertain values and it’s just another detail I like to cover for my clients.

Many lakefront property owners know how far their property extends beyond the low water mark. This is an important number because it’s part of the function which CA State Lands uses to charge for its pier leases. For more info on this or to get your pier depth measured, get in touch with Alex.

Measuring Depth at a North Shore pier head


Lake Tahoe Water Level 1998 - 2013

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