Luxury Market Update: 59% increase in units

Tahoe luxury homes are enjoying quite a year as far as sales go. As compared to last year, in 2012 there have been 59% more sales of single-family homes and condos closing above $1m. The average price was up just $100k from last year to $2.6m. When considering only non-lakefront property, the numbers are 26 units in 2012 vs. 11 in 2011. The average jumped $250k this year for non-lakefront luxury homes to $1.5m. While this is interesting info it can be slightly misleading. What’s really happening is simply that there is a higher level of confidence in the market this year than last (as aggregates) and many feel that prices have been reset. My next blog will discuss lakefront sales and you’ll notice more units sold and a similar average price but a big jump at the highest levels.

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