Tahoe Lakefront Property Selling at High Pace

Things had to budge and once they did, the buyers showed up in incredible numbers. It hasn’t been the highest-end that has been seeing the most action. Tahoe lakefronts dipped so that there was a lakefront sale for $1.08m this spring. In June a number of properties reduced price and before we knew it, 9 were in escrow at once.

The totals as reported in the Tahoe Sierra MLS:

Four closings in August from $2.9m – $6.45m. 3 out of the 4 were in the Homewood area; the fourth was a short sale in Old Brockway / Speedboat beach area.

Already in September there have been three lakefronts that closed – two were adjacent properties that sold for $2.9m each. The third was pier-less on Ferguson in Cedar Flat.

There are four more in escrow and one was supposed to close today (listed at $7.1m).

Disclaimer: This data is from the Tahoe Sierra MLS and I was not involved in the transactions.

Off the MLS was a purported sale in the Eagle Rock area – one of the oldest private lake front estates at Tahoe was once on for over $10 million and supposedly closed for $2.9m in August.

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