Tahoe Lakefront Market is Surging

2012 was a banner year for Tahoe lakefront property sales: volume doubled to $173 million, 37 properties traded, 5 sales were over $10m. There are currently 3 lakefront homes and 4 high-end condominiums in escrow with list prices ranging from $1.59m to $7.9m (Click Here to View Listings). 2013 has seen sales of 2 lakefront homes (incl. one foreclosure) and 2 condos with prices from $1.52m – $3.67m (Click Here to View Listings).

This data includes Alex’s knowledge of sales done off of the MLS:

Year Total Sales Sales on MLS Total Volume MLS Volume Avg. Sales Price Off-MLS Sales Off-MLS Sales Volume (approx.)
2012 37 34 $173.65m $156.65m $4.6m 3 $17m
2011 23 22 $72.5m $68.5m $3.1m 1 $4m


2012 sales of Tahoe lakefront properties handily surpassed the totals of each of the last seven years with over $173,000,000 in closed volume over 37 transactions. The number of sales represents a 50% increase over 2011; three of these were done off of MLS.  Tahoe Real Estate Group handled one off-MLS sale for $10.5m and we handled other MLS-reported lakefront sales ranging from $11m – $2.9m.

During the last few years there has been a high point where 8-9 lakefronts are in escrow simultaneously during July/August. What’s so significant about 2012 is that this happened not only in midsummer but December 2012 had 8 sales totaling $52 million. What is also so important are the sales over $10m. From 2007-2011 there were 5 transactions over this benchmark – in 2012 alone there were 5. There’s also activity well above this. Click here to see Alex quoted in an article on the sale of an Incline Village property for $25.5m. A property in Glenbrook sold in February 2013 for $20m. Although it was at a lower level ($5m-$10m) the last time the lakefront marketplace acted thus was during the 90’s Gold Rush and Tahoe lakefronts all ratcheted up immediately afterward. We believe the same thing is happening now.

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