Lakefront Water and Sales Heating Up

Five Tahoe lakefront homes have sold since August 1. This is a huge jump considering that only about 1.5 sales was the average for the first 7 months of the 2011. Prices ranged from $2.3m to $6.45m.

Of note:

There was one short sale for just over $3.2m in the Old Brockway neighborhood.

The property for $2.3m is in an incredible location under Eagle Rock, just south of Sunnyside. This boutique neighborhood normally sees very high prices – it’s a historically significant spot where nearby stands one of the oldest private homes in Tahoe (which also sold recently). Anyway, the relatively low price tag on this particular sale was because the house sat very close to W. Lake Blvd and it was a flag lot with about 20′ of frontage.

Tahoe’s water temp is up in the 60’s with a high of 69 in Timber Cove.

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