Tahoe Lakefronts in Escrow; Dollar Point Lakefront gets 5 offers

A Dollar Point lakefront was recently dropped $500k in price and got 5 offers in the first 5 days after the reduction. A deal was put together last Friday. The market for lakefronts, while having slowed since late fall / early “winter” when there was a spate of activity, is still very much alive. Interestingly, we’ve seen this happen a few times in the last year among the Tahoe lakefronts. Tahoe Lakefront property that needs to sell “yesterday” is dropped to a price that’s below market value and it goes in escrow in a matter of days. It shouldn’t be a big surprise that buyers are watching the lakefront market closely but it’s reassuring to know for certain that they act quickly when opportunity knocks.

There are currently four lakefronts in escrow – three North Shore homes and one Start Harbor condo.

Click Here to View Four Tahoe Lakefronts in Escrow


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There is only one split lakefront on the market. Click Here to View Tahoe Split Lakefront Listing


Here are the numbers on what’s in escrow:

LISTING COUNT: 4 DAYS ON MARKET: 1069 167 547 243
LIST PRICE: $10,500,000 $759,500 $5,174,875 $4,720,000 $20,699,500

And here are the numbers on the active listings:

LISTING COUNT: 56 DAYS ON MARKET: 1194 17 314 243
LIST PRICE: $19,950,000 $73,000 $3,377,192 $2,924,750 $189,122,800

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