Tahoe Real Estate Inventory Summary

You’ve probably heard about, or live in, one of the areas in Northern California with a very low supply of homes. This is resulting in a rebound of sales prices and many multiple offer scenarios. In Tahoe we are seeing both reduced inventory of homes for sale and multiple offers but neither are to the extent which we’re hearing about in other areas. I think this is a good thing and a more sustainable scenario. Note that this is the time of year when Tahoe inventory builds as sellers look to take advantage of our busy summer and fall selling seasons.

2012 Tahoe single family home sales units are just over half the number of homes currently offered for sale. But here’s where it gets interesting – there are just as many homes currently in escrow.

Put simply, 2012 sales + homes in escrow now = number of homes on the market.

That’s great news for sellers because it means that buyer activity is ahead of where it normally is during a Tahoe Spring. It’s as if the listings are trickling onto the market as usual yet buyer activity is approaching Summer levels. Here is a chart created from MLS data which shows this happening now:

Tahoe Real Estate Inventory May 2012

Tahoe Real Estate Inventory May 2012 (click twice to enlarge)

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