Tahoe Basin Sales are Up

Taking a quick look at market numbers for the Tahoe Basin. Comparing years through today:

Jan 1 – Feb 13

2013: 33 sales, $21m, ave $644k

2014: 27 sales, $18m, ave $673k

2015: 28 sales,$29m, ave $1.03m (56 properties in escrow now with gross list price volume of $55m total – wow)


A big part of the reason for 2015’s larger volume is lakefront sales – there were two in Jan over $7.75m. The pending sales average $900k – there is teardown lakefront in Tahoma for $10.25m plus a few other lakefronts in escrow as well. Historically solid activity at the top of the market can be an indicator of good things for the rest of the market.


With Dollar Point I always drill down into data solely within the neighborhood since it is somewhat of a micromarket:


2012: 23 sales, $29m, ave $1.2m

2013: 15 sales, $14m, ave 924k (there was a 16th off-MLS sale which would have brought gross to $23m and ave to $1.4m)

2014: 15 sales, $26m, ave $1.7m

2015: Currently just 9 homes on the market (midsummer can be low to mid 20’s on the market at once); 2 of the current offerings are in escrow.

A good time for owners to consider the market for sure. Feel free to get in touch to discuss anything with me.

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