Encouraging News For Sellers

The Tahoe Basin is off to a very good start as compared with 2011. There have been 52 sales this year vs. 40 during the same time last year. 2009 was abysmal through March, by the way, with only 18 sales.

All segments of the market are getting solid action as prices at the low end are in the basement and high-end lakefronts have come to the table ready to make things happen. There are 6 lakefronts in escrow now (some are distressed Tahoe lakefront properties) and recently there have been other very solid, high-end sales. Thus far lakefront sales units are the same as 2011 – 4 sold thru 3/22. A Dollar Point property listed at $945k went into escrow after ~80 days which is pretty good considering it was listed during the slowest time of year. Tahoe Sierra Estates currently has no active listings and McKinney Shores has 2 Listings – one shared ownership and one standard offering.

Days on market across the MLS is up but click here to see how my company’s listings sold 3x faster than the MLS average last Summer.

There have been 18 sales under $300k; 22 sales from there to $700k; 7 sales to $1.5 million; and four that ranged from $2.6m to $8.6m. Click Here to View The Four Most Expensive Sales in 2012

I am always happy to email sold or active listings if you’re curious about any other sales or offerings.

Data on 2012 vs. 2011 Tahoe Basin Units Sold Thus Far

SALES: 52 DAYS ON MARKET: 1069 2 156 127
LIST PRICE: $10,500,000 $89,900 $876,745 $411,500 $45,590,750
SOLD PRICE: $8,600,000 $76,000 $782,753 $395,000 $40,703,198
2011 Thru 3/22
SALES: 40 DAYS ON MARKET: 704 1 111 64
LIST PRICE: $6,995,000 $125,000 $783,250 $504,500 $31,330,022
SOLD PRICE: $6,300,000 $120,000 $725,054 $480,000 $29,002,178

Click here to download the first few pages of my Integrated Sales Strategy and please call or email to see the rest.

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