Year-to-Date Tahoe Market Summary

In the Tahoe Sierra MLS the average sales price is up 5% from 2012 while units sold is off by the same percentage.

Luxury properties over $1m are seeing almost identical numbers year-over-year with 20 transactions averaging $2.6m.

The lakefront marketplace has seen the exact same number of transactions each year through today (8) yet the average sales price is down ~28%. The reason for this is that at this point last year 2012 saw one sale over $11m (buyer brought in by my company), one over $8m and a third for $5.6m. Inventory in 2013 at the highest levels started to build later than usual so those higher-digit sales will likely materialize later than they did last season. Note: there have been sales over $20m in other parts of the Lake in 2013.

Under $1.5m the differences in the numbers are similar to those marketwide. Average sales price is up a little while the number of units sold is slightly lower than this time last year.

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