Rubicon Gold Coast

Rubicon is just “one of those special places” in Tahoe. Generational vacationers have come here since the early 1900’s. The main neighborhood is on the lakeside of the highway but there a number of homes above the other side with panoramic lakeviews. There are two homeowner associations here both with access to the absolute best, deepest sand and most incredible water in Tahoe. One can go out on a board or boat (or a couple hundred yard swim) and see the water line where the sandy bottom falls into the deep, deep blue Tahoe abyss. It’s amazing. The southern section of Rubicon is called the Gold Coast. You may have heard of the Ring Roads with their fire hose markings to differentiate each one. There are four of these lanes – some are paved, some not. They lead to some of the most incredible private land in all of Tahoe. These are major land holdings and they all collectively own a large parcel off the water for snowmobiling, etc. You haven’t seen Tahoe ’til you’ve seen the Gold Coast! There is public access from the south end at D.L. Bliss State Park.