Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley probably has the most eclectic mix of homes in all of Tahoe. Pre-Olympics shacks, Mid-century (slightly) Modern A-frames,snowflake designs, radical 70’s and 80’s homes, then newer, custom builds bringing the experience to the present day. A drive around the windy streets, most named after the original settling family’s kids (the Poulsen family) will show you strange stained glass windows, interesting home designs and a fun mix of local life and seasoned vacation folks. Be sure to see the Queen of the Snows Church and the Potato Chip – the small chapel built for the Olympics. Squaw has new, high-end neighborhoods and the condo complexes of The Village and Resort at Squaw Creek (which some old schoolers call the Death Star due to it’s black finish like the evil empire in Star Wars!). Overlooking the meadow where one can horseback ride in summer or enjoy a sleigh ride in the winter, the area’s draw is its proximity to Lake Tahoe’s most famous ski area and amenities.